Candy Delivery Robot

The problem

Hershey wanted a prototype of a "candy delivery" robot that allowed users to order candy on a companion iOS application. Once the robot placed the order in the queue, the robot would navigate the office and deliver to the user.

Services Provided

  • Hardware & Embedded Systems
  • Mobile
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • UI/ UX

The goals

To create a prototype that would allow a user to select candy from an inventory, track physical location, and estimate delivery time from within an application. Our goal was to provide Hershey with an effective MVP solution as quickly as possible.

Our approach

The Problem Solutions team used our rapid design process to facilitate a useable MVP in a short time frame. We set up an internal server to create a handful of services that would simulate the tasks of the robot such as moving around and delivering product. Using an agile software development approach, we were able to adapt to changing requirements and produce a high quality prototype.

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