JuicyBox is a revolutionary vape concierge kiosk system for vape shop owners, convenience stores, and other retailers looking to serve the vape / e-cigarette market.

The problem

Revolutionary Electronic Design wanted a software system that was seamlessly connected to vape/ e-cigarette vending hardware technology. The system needed to allow a tablet user interface to build any custom order and pass that order to the machine for filling. In addition to complete customization for the end user, JuicyBox needed to have the capability to manage inventory and billing processes.

Services Provided

  • Hardware & Embedded Systems
  • Mobile
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • UI/ UX

The goals

The Problem Solutions team worked to provide a fully functional and easily useable way of collecting and tracking the information required to fill in dispenser orders. Our goal was to seamlessly integrate the hardware and software technologies with the client server using our iterative design process to create a flawless user experience.

Our approach

We are a thought & product partner for our clients. We understand the desire to have the absolute best product as fast as possible. Our team worked in an agile method to support the short time frame for rapid prototyping and product development. Utilizing iterative development to ensure the highest quality end product, our developers created small bits of functionality that were then rolled out for approval and testing.
The first JuicyBox prototype tested in store achieved 57% of annual e-liquid sales in only 3 weeks. Now, JuicyBox is shipping machines to stores nationwide.

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